July 2, 2011

Obama's Brass Ring

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p.s. Obama is a bona fide loser.
By Rob Janicki
In a previous post I questioned Obama's ability to make hard decisions as exemplified in current foreign policy matters and what appear to be continuing blunders of decision making.

In this post I will explain what I see as Obama's underlying motivations in making political decisions, especially as they relate to foreign policy development and execution. It's not that Obama is merely incompetent as much as there is a larger unseen goal that has captured Obama's imagination.

Let's start with the fact that Obama is a Marxist socialist. He was born and bred in a socialist environment with family and mentors all subscribing to Marxist style socialism. No matter what you hear or read, Obama is neither a Christian or a Muslim. He is a human secularist, which is a nice way of saying he is an atheist. The closest construct to religion for Obama is liberal/progressive philosophy as embodied in the tenets of Marxist socialism. Liberalism is his religion. His sometime attendance at Rev. Hate's (Wright) church in Chicago merely fit the facade necessary to move in polite and acceptable political circles. Let's remember that Rev. Hate preaches Black Liberation theology, which is founded upon Marxism philosophy.

Obama believes in one world global governance within a socialist framework, run by an elitist class of radical liberal politicians and supported by leftist academic intellectual bureaucrats. In order to achieve one world governance, the current world order of nation states at various levels of development, has to be changed to a loose association of egalitarian entities which can then be manipulated to subscribe to one world governance for purposes of survival as part of the larger collective of former nation states.

Here's an interesting view that is little known. Marxist socialists understand that ultimately they will face off against fascist Muslims for one world government dominance. In the meantime both groups realize they need each other to destroy Western style democracies as they exist today. Of course their biggest mutual obstacle is America, as it represents their most formidable opponent on the way to one world government as the one and only dominant political structure.

Since becoming president, Obama has purposely chosen to alienate our allies and mollify our enemies with meaningless platitudes, for which he is held in low esteem by those very same enemies he hopes to enlist in his greater quest and ultimate goal. He does this to divide our country, separate us from our allies and strengthen his march to a one world government with under the radar mutual associations with radical Islamic regimes.

In his heart, Obama believes that one day socialism will come face to face with fascist Islam in the final battle for world domination. But, he is willing to overlook that fact, in the meantime, as he believes that socialism will win out in the end over Islam because he perceives Islam to be lacking in the progressive intellectual rigor necessary to build a new and viable world order. Obama is more than willing to throw Islam and any other political force under the bus to achieve his ultimate goal.

Finally and probably most surprisingly, Obama is preparing himself for his next job promotion. What is it, you ask? Secretary General of the UN. Think of it for a moment. This is really Obama's dream job. It fits with his one world global governance model of socialism. Obama, along with Hillary, is determined to sacrifice American sovereignty in bits and pieces to the UN and to the World Court. His current actions are meant to strengthen his ultimate position as the messianic leader of the world. Obama is in the process of expanding his resume by trying to be all things to all people at the same time no matter what he has to do or say at the moment. The position of Secretary General is just the next logical career move in Obama's goal to lead a global government.


  1. You have verbalized my thoughts to a tee. Thank you. Now - how to stop this monster!

  2. Today, American Racism is now being sadly potrayed as "American Patriotism"! It is disgusting!

    jimmy d, God, you are a digusting disgrace of a human being who blindly supports Israel like the weak lemming you are! I’m convinced that if Obama loses, it’s because of the racist ratings of the right from three years! The right has turned the American people into the American People of the 1950s! Racist scum who hate all non-whites and blames everything bad on them!

    Obama is not a Marxist. He is a corporatist. There is a difference. Is that the only thing you people can come up with is calling him a marxist, commie, socialist? PATHETIC

  3. Obama may indeed exhibit elements of being a corporatist. He often supports the corporate community, but for the simple fact of milking them as a financial resource. It makes perfect sense. You go for those with the money. Its far more cost effective than trying to milk a few bucks out of all the dumb schmucks living off government handouts. The facts of Obama's upbringing are, however, irrefutable. He was raised and reared by self identified Marxist socialists. He was and continues to be mentored by socialists of all stripes from Van Jones to Bill Ayers, as examples, no matter how you might chose to define any of their political labels. They are what they are based upon what they have said and done in the past and continue to say and do today. If you choose not to believe that, so be it.

    When I see anyone raise the issue of racism with absolutely no foundation, I immediately realize that I am dealing with a far left wing liberal progressive. That's just the pathology of radical liberal/progressives. It seems to be an automatic reflexive reaction just like breathing, because it is so much easier to use inflammatory charges to smear someone with an opposing point of view. Never let the facts get in the way of a good old fashion propaganda lynching with a lexicon of pejoratives thrown into the discussion.

    I could easily proclaim that radical liberals are the real racists of our time, in that they claim to support people of color and yet merely use them as window dressing to exhibit their own supposed virtue and nobility. Liberals need to keep minorities on the "political plantation" of the left so they can point to their dire straits caused by those on the right. Minorities on the political right are castigated as 'sell outs", "Uncle Toms", etc.. Liberals need "causes", real or imagined, to champion so they have a purpose for creating an egalitarian utopian society. That's just the way it is and precisely the way Saul Alinsky lays out the means to vilify opponents in his liberal playbook, "Rules for Radicals", in order to gain some supposed moral high ground in political debate and discussion.

    Your post, unfortunately, is telling in that it really is disjointed to the point of being incomprehensible. Either you wrote the post while being under the influence of some substance or your functional level of cognition is simply far below average. In any case, you will continue in your belief system with no chance of seeing reality and that is your fate. I can live with that.