February 23, 2012

People like this are one of the main reasons why I blog under a non de plume

I fear no man or woman on the face of this planet. BUT, I have a wife and children whom I will not put in danger.
Meet Patrick:

Patrick is a crazy motherfucker. Literally crazy.
Zilla emailed me about this dangerous asshole. HERE  is the full story.  


  1. Wow.  Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Hehehe ... here asshat, here asshat! Come on over to my blog asshat: http:anexconsview.wordpress.com
    and bring your "A" game. I'll play prison games with you. We'll play lock in a sock, catch the spit and blanket party (starring Mr. Padlock in a gym-sock). You'll just die laughing!

  3. He's back to his same tricks again, you know. Preying on innocent bloggers who either don't know his history or haven't figured out that his latest username is actually him.