March 11, 2012

Zilla-Aid-Athon: Conservative Bloggers Helping Conservative Bloggers

In our email from MJ:
Zilla Aid!
Here is the link: Zilla of the Resistance
Thank you, Tom, Hank, Buffoon and Paul for spearheading this for me! I love you guys. 
Thank you to everyone who is helping by linking or placing the cool widget on their blogs! 
Words fail to describe how deeply touched I am by your outpouring of friendship and support. Having friends like you who care about me makes me feel better and helps to give me the courage to fight to get better! I updated my post last night. 

I went to the dentist yesterday and my tooth is re-infected, but that's a GOOD thing because it gave my dentist a legitimate excuse to put me back on the antibiotics which helped with my body pain before and which are known to be effective against the variant of late stage Lyme Disease that I have. Most treatments run for many weeks or months to fight the disease. My dentist gave me the standard ten day treatment of Levaquin for my tooth and a refill for ten more days, so that buys me a little bit of time to find a doctor who can and is willing to help me. I should start feeling a little less horrible in a few days, and even if it is only temporary, it will be a great blessing to me and my family to have me be able to be a bit more productive and I should be able to go back to beating up the bad guys from my blog when my head-fog lifts some. 

I need to find what they call a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD) but because of the nanny-state's interference, most of the Lyme specialists operate on a cash only basis and it is very expensive - one doctor I called charges $1500 just for the initial consult visit and requires a $500 deposit just to even make the appointment! Obviously that is out of my league and I am not willing to drop that kind of money on a doctor that I have not even met before I know if he can even help me, so I will spend the coming weekdays calling around to see if I can find a regular doctor who understands this disease and is willing to help me to fight it. The fact that I respond to oral antibiotics is a great blessing because a lot of people with this disease do not and they end up having to endure months of IV antibiotics, sometimes pumped directly into their hearts! It is "controversial" to give a patient long term courses of antibiotics because the side effects include killing the "good" bacteria in the body and puts people at risk of serious problems, and also, people are afraid of creating resistant bacteria and triggering a zombie apocalypse. Hopefully I can find a doctor who will be able to help me not only get the treatment I need but also to prevent some of the scary stuff such treatment may put me at risk for, and of course, be prepared to avoid triggering a zombie apocalypse. 

Anyway, sorry if this is rambling and incoherent, I blame the sickness, I should be making sense again soon.;) Thank you all for everything, God bless you for your kindness! 

The internet still hates me, so if you've linked to me and I have not already thanked you with a link-back from my blog, please let me know so I can do that. 

Oh, and if you know anyone in Dutchess County, New York State who has knowledge about what I am dealing with, please let me know. Lyme Literate doctors are not generally open about what they do because big nanny state puts a lot of them under investigation and at risk of losing their medical licenses so there is actually a Lyme Disease 'underground' that involves privately contacting people who may know a doctor who can help just to find treatment. People getting treated are urged not to publish the names of their doctor or any contact information because it can put the doctors at risk. How messed up is that? I suspect it will worsen under Obamacare and will not just effect Lyme doctors; anyone who deviates from big-nanny approved methods will be targeted - there are already a growing number of doctors in many different fields who no longer accept insurance and operate as cash only so they have less hoops to jump through in order to properly care for their patients. 

Thank you all for the help, friendship and support, it means the world to me. 

Mare (Zilla)


  1. MJ's site was one of the first to add Capitalist Preservation to its blog roll when we had just started out.  I owe her.

  2.  She's my dear friend. See saw through my criminal past, my issues and encouraged me to write. She is the sweetest person I know!

  3.  No you don't, but thank you so much for helping! I added you to my blogroll the first time I saw you because I recognize teh awesome when I see it. I am so proud of you and how you've grown your great blog. Adding Paul Lemmen was a smart move too, he's wonderful. I love the little photo of him with the caption in your side bar. ;)

  4. Paul, before I knew anything about your past, it was obvious to me that you are a very special man who has been given extraordinary gifts of incredible intelligence and a far more creative mind than most other people have.  Unfortunately, sometimes people with such powerful gifts do not know how to channel them in a healthy manner and things go sideways for them. Many geniuses become mentally ill. Luckily for the world, and of course for you & your wife, the Lord showed you a better use for your talents and set you upon a righteous path, and he also gifted you with a great big kind heart.
    Everything happens for a reason, even if those reasons are not for us to know.
    I am blessed to know you and truly grateful for your friendship.

  5.  See! Such a sweetheart (and cute too).

  6.  Thank you, Tom, for everything you've done to get this all going for me!