August 6, 2012

Accomplishments: Romney vs. Obama

By Rob Janicki
This comes from Doug Ross @ Journal  and needs to be highlighted and seen by as many people as possible.  It clearly illustrates two opposing perspectives based in fact and not mere political conjecture.  

The first point to be made is Mitt Romney's success as a free market venture capitalist.  The second point to be made clearly demonstrates Obama's consistent failures in picking winning entrepreneurial efforts in "Green Energy".  Perhaps Obama was not all that concerned with the out comes of these bound to fail "Green Energy" businesses, than he was with getting their campaign contributions up front.  A history of the Obama administration is replete with cronyism in granting government (taxpayer) funds to friends and campaign contributors.  When a historical chronology of the Obama administration is written, it will reveal the quite possibly the most corrupt presidential administration in U.S. history and that's saying something.  Until then view this chart and make your own judgment.

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