November 15, 2012

Afternoon Radio Theater: Light of my Life - Lohman & Barkley

The purpose of this page is to introduce the Lohman & Barkley radio team to those who have never heard them, and to refresh the memories of those who heard them during their drive to work, or other weekday morning activities.
They graced the Los Anegles airwaves for 30+ years, and breifly had their own TV show. According to they were on KLAC and KFWB as well as KFI. I only had the privlage of listening to them from around 1977-1986. At that time they were on KFI and had been the #1 drive time program for quite a while.
Who were these kings of morning drivetime radio in LA? The team consisted of Roger Barkley and Al Lohman. Roger Barkley was the straight man and the glue that kept things on track. Al Lohman was the nut who, over the years, invented and maintained over 50 different charactors with varied personalities and voices. Most of these were very broad and over the top charictorizations which would have gotten the team in big trouble in these politically correct times...   READ MORE

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