November 12, 2012

Afternoon Radio Theater: Manhunt

...Manhunt was a 15-minute crime drama anthology. The scripts ran twelve and a half minutes, so as to allow stations to insert their own commercial messages and announcements in the remaining two and a half minutes. Starring Larry Haines and featuring Frances Robinson, the series was introduced and narrated by Maurice TarplinTarplin's portentious opener for each episode went something like this:
"No crime has been committed . . . . . yet.
No murder has been done . . . . . yet.
No manhunt has begun . . . . . yet. "
Having instilled a sense of foreboding in the listener, the script would launch into the dramatic exposition necessary to frame the ensuing plot. Each episode posed a crime puzzle of one kind or another--usually a murder under impossible conditions. Larry Haines portrays Andrew 'Drew' Stevens, a police lab forensic detective and Frances Robinson portrays his secretary--and love interest--Patricia 'Pat' O'Connor. Homicide Detective Sergeant Bill Morton is Stevens' local police contact...   READ MORE

The Clue of the Crimson Corpse
Original Air Date: April 8, 1944

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