November 16, 2012

Small number of Wal-Mart employees planning protest on Black Friday

By Rob Janicki

I'm having a "Karnak the Magnificent" moment right here on Capitalist Preservation.

And the answer is:  William Fletcher

The question is:  Who will be out of a job at Wal-Mart in Duarte, CA at the end of the day on Black Friday?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney)A group of Wal-Mart workers are planning to stage a walkout next week on Black Friday, arguably the biggest holiday shopping day for the world's largest retail store.

The walkout builds on an October strike that started at a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles and spread to stores in 12 other cities. More than 100 workers joined in the October actions.

One of the workers who plans to join next week's walkout is William Fletcher, who works at a Wal-Mart in Duarte, Calif...

Perhaps Mr. Fletcher should look around.  Most Wal-Mart jobs are basically unskilled labor positions.  If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you have Wal-Mart potential.

...Fletcher, who also participated in the October strikes, claims Wal-Mart cut his hours after he asked to move from the receiving department to another division because of a knee injury. He has since switched departments.

"I kept asking myself, 'when is the retaliation for speaking our mind and acting on our rights going to stop?' " he said. Wal-Mart did not have an immediate comment in response to Fletcher's claim...

So, Mr. Fletcher gets his change in work groups and he is still pissed because Wal-Mart didn't immediately jump at the chance to accommodate his request.

...The union-backed groups OUR Walmart and Making Change at Wal-Mart, and a watchdog group Corporate Action Network, are calling on the nation's largest employer to end what they call retaliation against employees who speak out for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care.

On Black Friday, the organizations expect 1,000 protests, both at stores and online.

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said the number of workers who are raising concerns is very small and don't represent the views of the vast majority of its workforce of 1.3 million.

But labor experts say that even a small number of workers could make an impact...

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on whether this proposed protest will amount to anything.  
Check out your local Wal-Mart on Black Friday to see how this protest goes.  I'm suspecting that Wal-Mart will be doing a lot of hiring the day after Black Friday.  In the meantime those protestors might want to suit up in football pads and a helmet, because the onslaught of Wal-Mart shoppers could be hazardous to their health as they get run over by shoppers looking for good deals.


  1. Wasn't he the same guy who did that last year? Or could WM not fire him?

  2. Non-union employees are employed on an "at will" basis of the employer, which means an employer does not have to have "cause" to terminate an employee. More than likely employees of Wal-Mart will be given the first chance opportunity to volunteer for overtime work and pay. I don't think Wal-Mart will have difficulty finding employees willing to volunteer for overtime pay considering the state of the economy. Part time employees may well appreciate the opportunity to receive additional pay just before the Christmas holiday and their family gift giving.