December 28, 2012

Being liberal means you don't have to apologize for being crazy

By Rob Janicki

If I told you that a proponent of human caused global warming called for the execution of global warming deniers, who do you think would be the crazy one in this scenario?

Professor Richard Parncutt Calls for Death Penalty for Global Warming Hoax Deniers

True believers in global warming are not just kooks. They are evil kooks. Does that sound like hyperbole? Then check out the final solution Australian expat Richard Parncutt, a professor at the University of Graz in Austria, advocates for those who won’t drink the Kool-Aid voluntarily:

"I propose that the death penalty is appropriate for influential GW deniers."

He justifies murdering his ideological opponents with the authoritarian trick of utilitarianism. Any crime can be excused if pointy-headed elitists decide that it promotes the greatest good for the greatest number. As Parncutt puts it:

"If ten million people are going to die with a probability of 10%, that is like one million people dying with a probability of 100%."...

I certainly hope Professor Parncutt doesn't have access to any guns, as I really question his mental stability to reason logically and rationally.  He seems like a candidate for a 72 hour psychological evaluation with such crazy talk.  I guess when you have no basis in fact to support your position, you just go off the deep end for the effect it might have on the intellectually challenged in your liberal circle of sycophants.

Read Moonbattery's full account of Dr. Parncutt's crazy rant here.

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