December 15, 2012

NY Congressman Jerrold Nadler Calls NRA 'Enablers of Mass Murder'

I encourage the NRA to hold him accountable for his words and sue him until his ass falls off.


  1. What kind of sick jerk promotes guns on the day of this killing. You people are scum. You are sick, twisted and hateful people and you should be locked up for being so stupid and cruel.

    You think ANYONE in that town wants to hear about jerks like you lusting for more guns on the street? You are a total ass!

  2. An idiot Congressman opens his idiot mouth and politicizes a horrible tragedy and we are the bad guys for simply posting the vid of his idiocy? Get a grip.

  3. From your convoluted perception of reality and cognitively challenged rationale for the purpose of the video, you are obviously a mentally disordered liberal progressive Marxist socialist filled with hate for anyone with a different world view than yours. You are the perfect argument for expanding community mental health services.