January 31, 2013

Massachusetts Governor appoints interim senator to fill John Kerry's senate seat and it isn't Blarney Frank

By Rob Janicki

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has appointed his political associate and long time ally, William "Mo" Cowan, as the interim senator to fill the now vacant senate seat of John Kerry, who was approved by the full senate to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Interim Senate pick William “Mo” Cowan today vowed his political career would be short — and ruled out all future plans to run for office — as he prepares to take over for U.S. Sen. John Kerry for the next five months.

“This is going to be a very short career,” said Cowan. “I am not running for office. I’m not a candidate for public service at any time today or in the future.”...

Followers of the Massachusetts fiasco in finding an interim replacement for Kerry, might recall that Barney Frank lobbied big time to get this interim appointment, quite probably for the opportunity to then run in the Spring special election to fill the remainder of Kerry's term of office.  Frank became so obnoxious in his usual manner, that Governor Patrick made it a point to freeze Frank out of the running, early on.

Even though Cowan won't run in the primary and the general election, there are definite benefits to be had from his short tenure as a United States Senator.

The rare six-month stint as interim senator will hand Cowan a lifetime pass to the Senate floor as well as a parking spot, giving the high-powered lawyer up front access to Capitol Hill power-brokers. Cowan will be barred from lobbying for two years after he serves, but is free to meet with senators on behalf of his clients after that. 

Secretary of State William Galvin said yesterday he has proposed June 25 as the special election date, with a primary date of April 30....

Meanwhile, The only announced candidate so far is U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Malden), while U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, a South Boston Democrat, is expected to announce a decision on whether to challenge Markey this week. Former Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has kept quiet on whether he will run...

There is no viable alternative Republican candidate to Scott Brown, so expect Brown to announce his candidacy in the very near future now that Kerry has turned in his resignation officially beginning the process to fill the senate seat for the remainder of the term proscribed by law.

Read cited article in its entirety at The Boston Herald

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