January 8, 2013

Obamacare in Action: Taco Bell Worker Speaks After Hours Cut To Avoid Health Insurance Mandate

The Taco Bell in Guthrie cuts its full-time employees' hours to avoid mandates under the new health care law.
Now, a mother of three who works at that restaurant is speaking out. Under the Affordable Care Act, any company that has more than 50 full-time workers falls under the new health insurance mandate.
We talked to the company that owns the Guthrie restaurant today, and it confirmed the cuts. Now, employees there aren't allowed to work more than 28 hours a week.
Johnna Davis has worked at the Taco Bell in Guthrie since September. She's seen a 200 dollar cut in her paycheck since a new store policy went into effect...  News Nine Oklahoma

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  1. Welcome to the new face of the American workforce....part time employment. Thanks to Obamacare a greater portion of jobs will move from full time employment to part time employment status. Small businesses on the cusp of the Obamacare law have no other choice but to go to a part time employment structure to stay competitive. Obamacare is filled with consequences such as this, that were glossed over to pass the Abominable Care Act. Those who voted for Obama can now live with the results of their actions.

  2. Rob, do you remember when in 1987 Hughes Aircraft laid off 2,500 that year alone? It was done for financial/competitive reasons. http://articles.latimes.com/1987-11-20/business/fi-15187_1_hughes-aircraft There was a huge shift from full-time employment for the men, to cut hours, part-time, etc., forcing MANY of their wives into the workforce.

    It was at that time that there was a shift in the schools and an increase in latch-key kids. I think that there will be a multitude of unforeseen consequences to this bill, the above situation being just the tip of the iceberg. The female workforce has, for the most part, remained in the lower-earnings bracket, which means that these workers are already starting on the bottom rung, then falling further. I hope I'm wrong.