January 22, 2013

Our flat assed outright MAN o' the day: Captain Harry Wales

Here's the headline:

Prince Harry faces growing criticism over 'candid' descriptions of killing Taliban fighters

Hmmm, isn't killing the enemy part and parcel of being a crew member of an Apache gunship?

Harry's statements aren't chock full of tales glorifying his tour of duty. No, they are the low key words of a soldier explaining how and why he killed the enemy he was sent by his country to kill.

He did not have to join the military, but he did so of his own volition. And being Queen Elizabeth's grandson he damned sure did not have to serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

But he did. And like all combat veterans, he deserves to be honored and respected for his service and sacrifice.

Give 'em Hellfire Harry!

1 comment:

  1. If the idea was to catch Prince Harry off guard, or make him look like a deranged killer, it won't work. Firstly, there are so few people volunteering for Service both in England and in the United States, it's rather embarrassing. Our nations have earned their 'stripes' the hard way, leaving a legacy of commitment and service.

    Secondly, Prince Harry is not going to be king, and must find a way to live his life as a younger sibling. Princess Margaret had to do the same, going through one marriage, then living the rest of her life alone, carrying on charities and public engagements for her older sister, Princess Anne has receded into the shadows.

    Most Brits use the Royal Family as a cash cow, but the minute one of the children steps outside that role, people queue up to denigrate and/or belittle their efforts. Prince Harry has followed in his father's footsteps. I pray he finds something to do that will make him feel worthwhile as a human being. He is entitled to that.