January 10, 2013

Some countries just don't have a sense of humor.

By Rob Janicki

If the United States Secret Service can party hardy in Latin America and no higher ups in the administration pay a real price, why can't some third world Ambassador host a little orgy at their embassy for Christmas?  Nothing says Christmas spirit like a little sex party among staff and invite guests.

The Honduran ambassador to Colombia has been sacked after a wild Christmas party at the embassy in Bogota.

Ambassador Carlos Rodriguez has been told to resign "to safeguard relations with Colombia", the Honduran Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

An investigation has begun into reports that two prostitutes had been invited to the party on 20 December...  BBC NEWS

What Christmas party hasn't had some guy dressing up in women's clothing and singing show tunes while laying prone on top of the piano bar in some provocative pose reminiscent of a Marlene Dietrich movie scene?

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  1. I think these your Colombian ladies are creative and wily and should work for the GOP! Bring these chickies up here and let's give them some real work to do. Want to win in 2016? :)