February 14, 2013

Comrade Harkin from the State of Stupidity proclaims fiscal problem is a result of misapplication of wealth

By Rob Janicki

On ThursdaySenator Tom Harkin  (D-IA)  from the State of Stupidity, spoke on the fiscal condition of America.  Harkin, in a presentation of astounding idiocy, proclaimed that spending isn't the problem with government.  Instead, it's a misapplication of wealth.  Thank you Comrade Harkin for you insightful observation obviously resulting from a rectal/cranial inversion of monumental proportions.  Let's attack those filthy rich people who have created the wealth and demonize them as evil doers.  Your implication is that there should be a redistribution of wealth from those who actually produce wealth for themselves and all America, to those who primarily consume wealth with less or no contribution to the creation of wealth.  Well said Comrade Harken.  You will be heralded among the pantheon of Marxist socialists seeking social and economic justice for all, even if it destroys America.  Well done liberal progressive fool and useful tool.

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