December 11, 2012

CNN plays race card yet again, for ratings and furtherance of liberal agenda

By Rob Janicki

CNN, the cable network with the lowest number of viewers compared to first place Fox and pathetic distant second place MSNBC, is playing the race card to gin up viewership.  Here's the latest episode in their malicious and malignant mentally disordered view of America as a racist nation. 

On Sunday, December 15, CNN is slated to run a special starring Soledad O’Brien titled “Who Is Black in America?” The goal of the series: to racially polarize the country, push the notion that racism is still the most serious ill paralyzing America, and play on white liberal guilt to forward a racialist agenda. The show will feature various experiences of being black – but you can guarantee that the central, underlying message will be that being black is largely about experiencing racism from whites...

Anything Soledad O"Brien is associated with has to be suspect on its face as a play to racism, since that is her preferred method of operation as a liberal progressive propagandist masquerading as a journalist.

It’s deeply offensive stuff, suggesting that Americans remain deeply divided by skin color, when it’s really just CNN obsessing about race for its own political purposes...

Despite the facts to the contrary, just how long will and can liberal progressives continue to push and perpetuate the idea that America is a racist nation?  

CNN doesn’t care about specifics, or about identifying instances of real racism. They just want the American public to believe that we’re all irrepressibly racist, so that we’re silenced in our opposition to the Obama agenda.

That’s what CNN is all about: pushing unending racial polarization in order to job (jab?) unremitting white liberal guilt. And if they have to drop a few n-words to make that happen, they will.

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  1. Last time checked the gub'ment contracting category known as 8(a) discriminated against white males.

  2. Affirmative action in federal contracting long ago out lived its usefulness in righting any perceived wrongs. Now it's just a scam to push federal contracts to Democrat constituencies. How much longer will this charade continue? Probably as long as there are Democrats controlling either the presidency or at least one house of Congress.