November 8, 2012

O'Reilly, Beckel, Sex and Acceptance

By Capitalist Preservation's ace girl reporter Trailbee

I watched Bill O'Reilly and Bob Beckel last night on The Factor.  These two were Mutt 'n Jeff trying to get their ridiculous not to be ridiculous!  I laughed.  The subject was The War on Women and these two guys were either stupid or deliberately obtuse in their effort to talk around an issue which was so important in this Election, but no one would really address. I will.

O'Reilly's question was why married women voted for Romney, and single women did not.

This is not rocket science.  It is very simple.  It has nothing to do with free condoms.  It had everything to do with the way singles females, whether young or old, are viewed and treated by "upstanding" members of their community.

In Traditional American Judeo/Christian values, married women belong to the respectable class.  Single women are viewed as "not quite there yet."  Crazy?  This is why no one wants to talk about it.

From the beginning of life, the Christian Church, no matter what denomination, teaches that sex is acceptable only between a husband and wife.  However, sex feels damned good and who wants to wait until they get married?   What if someone doesn't want to get married?  They're not allowed to have sex?  Ever?  What if they can't find the right partner and keep looking?  What if .... ?

We live in a society and at a time that is so tightly bonded to sexual outlets that all the unmarrieds are now being looked at suspiciously as "not Christian" because they have not waited for that glorious state of wedded bliss.

Within the last forty years, single women looked in the mirror, at first tormented by guilt, which got old, and finally gave traditional American Values the finger.  They threw off their shackles, went bar-hoping after work, drank, smoked, shot up, and because this little death brought nothing but pure joy, engaged in great, glorious, wonderful sex!  With or without protection.  And life was fabulous.

We choose Presidents on their capacity to charm, seduce, and just lure us into the voting booth.  We have just witnessed a fight between an atheist and an icon of the most traditional religion in America.  The atheist does have a religion, it is his Ideology, which discourages Judeo/Christian values.  When those values are jettisoned a new life-theory fills the void, ergo the discovery of a new social behavior.  What was once taboo, has become the lively pursuit of the up-and-coming female voter.

The same voter whose parents are voting for a sane, fiscally responsible President.  Guess who  gets the vote?  This is why Sandra Fluke was such a hit!

Being promised an unending supply of contraceptives and abortion procedures tells females that their sexual and social behavior meets with approval, especially when the guy giving the goodies becomes the President, and takes on a father figure.

Can one imagine Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney offering these gifts in return for votes?  How would the Catholic Church handle this dilemma?

Our once-Conservative nation has become a secular nation, and Traditional American Values are only observed by less than forty percent of eligible voters.  

For single women, it was not the Economy.  Single female voters had found acceptance!

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